Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The top of 2008

Sorry I've been behind in updating, but I have some free time and figured, why the hell not? Sure it's about a month behind... But here we go...

*brief disclaimer* I'm basing this on what I saw in theaters that came out in 08, but if I included the movies I saw last year for the first time, that came out years before 2008, this list would look very different.

1) Wall-E
What can I say, I loved this movie. I know Danny would be extremely annoyed that this is my number one movie, but he can write his own top movies if he wants. The point is Wall-E is a well crafted story, and is expertly told for a good percent of the film with absolutely no dialog. This is my number one favorite animated film of all time (so far), never have I ever collected with a robot so much. Also, a hats of to Pixar for their numerous references to 2001.

2) The Wrestler
Maybe it's my Requiem induced love for Darren Aronofsky, but I loved this movie (ok, so I just got back from seeing it tonight, but it still came out in 2008). I should mention that he completely gets rid of the smooth tracking shots he uses in Requiem, and all the tracking shots are shaky. Which if I may step away and note that the constantly shaky camera in The Bourne Ultimatum completely drew me out of the movie and lead me to add it to my least favorite movies (that and the fact that absolutely nothing affected Jason Bourne). Somehow in this movie, it worked for me. I should add that it's filled with excellent performances and is incredibly well crafted, so my continued kudos to you Mr. Aronofsky.

3) Zack And Miri Make a Porno
This would seem to be the most bi-polar list I've seen so far... Anyway I love Kevin Smith, as a writer and director, and frankly of all the new comedies to come out this year, Zack and Miri was by far the funniest. But what really made the movie was Seth Rogan, and Elizabeth Banks performances, they nailed the characters, and frankly, I've always thought Seth was a really funny guy but this is the movie where he really stands out to me as a great actor. Not only is the movie a riot, but Kevin Smith really brought out some serious scenes (not that much, but) they were incredibly well done, and that's what really made the movie real. You may find the concept entirely outrageous, but the characters were 100% believe-able.

4) Forgetting Sarah Marshal
First of all, Jason Segel's first writing credit, and I can't wait to see what he does next. It wasn't nearly as hyped up as the other Apatow films, but I think it really stands out over the others. It's still that kind of raunchy comedy, but it's more outrageous. The characters are more goofy, and the plot does seem pretty far fetched, but it's a hilarious ride. And it's got a nice little feel good ending.

5) The Dark Knight
It's not the best movie of the year, but I really have to hand to Heath Ledger. If I may reference the latest Smod-cast, he takes an already memorable performance and completely erases it. Honestly though, I think I would have enjoyed it better had it not been hyped so much, I went in expecting a lot more than was delivered. But aside from what I didn't get, it was still great story with numerous great performances.

I think that's really all I have to touch on, for my top movies of 2008 right now. However, I want to bring up Cloverfield, as a lot of people were disappointed by it, and hated the camera idea, but truth be told I think it was a great idea to take that approach with a giant monster film, it brought things into a whole new perspective, and I really enjoyed that. And for all the Cloverfield haters out there, I'm glad we don't know anything about the monster, it's still a mystery and will continue to be, and I think that sets it apart from other monster movies.

On a side note, we wrapped a short in the past week which will (hopefully) premiere at the Frederick Film Fest in May. We've got some other ideas, JCPD is still being written (cool your jets, it'll come). And let me note that we have a new piece in the works that if all goes well, will hopefully show up on a weekly basis (but I won't say anymore about that until it happens).

Keep it real my homeskillets,

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