Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Conan!

Like it or not here at Totally Illogical Films we're proudly sporting the Team Conan Flag. The Tonight Show can not exist tomorrow morning, and Conan has stated so. It's hard not to reiterate things that have already been said, so consider this a paraphrased best of. Leno had The Tonight Show for years, he retired, Conan took over (as was promised years before) but Conan has only been able to host for 7 months so far. NBC decided they still wanted Leno and thusly gave him his own $200 Million Dollar show at 10. Essentially Leno underperformed but NBC still wanted to keep him and cancel his 10 o'clock show. So they offered to put Leno on for a half hour at 11:30 and push the other late night programs back a half hour. Well Conan's not playing ball and rightfully so. He worked hard to get where he is, and frankly he's a better/funnier late night host than Leno.

Does Leno need to take back The Tonight Show? No absolutely not. He's set from the money he has and could easily go out and make more with his stand-up (didn't he have a reality show about his own cars for some time too?) Which brings up another notion, Conan has a family and kids, as do his staff. Leno has a garage full of cars that he really doesn't need. He could sell one car a year and be fine.

In the past week Conan has gained overwhelming support, but somehow Jeff Zucker (the head of NBC) hasn't noticed any of it as rumors continue to pour in that they've signed Leno as the new Tonight Show host and they've outed Conan.

Below are two clips from last night's episode of The Tonight Show that left me gasping for breath, something Leno has yet to do to me...

I'm taking a stand until this is settled and only watching NBC between 11:35 and 12:35 for Conan, I'm not catching up on their Thursday Night shows until this is settled and it should be noted that I'm skipping the Golden Globes this year as well.

Well I really should be going, Conan has Jeff "The Dude" Bridges on tonight.

Hope you are all well,

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