Friday, August 29, 2008

An open letter to movie goers...

Dear movie goers of this day,
Today marks to opening of, need I say, the disaster of another Friedburg/Seltzer "movie".  And from the looks of it we've reached an all time low in the movie industry.  In case you haven't noticed these guys have an AWFUL follow up in the critics corner, and AWFUL follow up from the people who've seen the films.  The trailer's not funny, and I can GUARANTEE the movie's even worse.  Please I beg of you, skip this movie and save your self 10 dollars and an hour and a half of your life.  Why does this even exist I wonder?  Because people went to see Meet the Spartans, and it grossed over 8 million, Hopefully those of you have learned your lesson.  There's plenty of better films out already, and if you really want to see a movie, see one you haven't or re-watch one.  DON'T go to see Disaster movie.  Here, have a review based on the trailer ( I really like this guys reviews by the way),

In his review of "Sex Drive" which went up yesterday, he said he was seeing the midnight showing of Disaster Movie, but he wasn't paying because he had a free pass for a movie.  Well he has yet to post the review, and I'm worried this movie killed him.  Kinda like the lady who had a heart attack during The Passion Of The Christ and died (too soon?  I think not).  If it didn't kill him when the review goes up, I'll post it.

So I continue to beg you, DON'T SEE DISASTER MOVIE!!!  I said that the Plot of Death Race was in the title (Death Race, that's the plot).  Well the review for Disaster Movie is also in the title.

Don't See Disaster Movie,
Kevin Cole.
PS. DON'T!!!
PPS.  I know for a fact the entire crew agrees with me on this one.

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