Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'll Bring My Own Rope: The "Huggable" Version

In honor of I'll Bring My Own Rope achieving 100 views on Funny Or Die, I have decided to gift you all with the "Huggable Version." The Film was a school project from the start but we neglected to film alternate clean scenes from the original film, (with the exception of 2 scenes). So I was up the night before it was due until 10:30 cutting out the language and putting in appropriate language (which is really hard with iMovie). Anyway please enjoy the version Brad and Shane's history class saw... I'll Bring My Own Rope: The "Huggable" Version
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Now if you'll excuse me I have a debate to watch.

Yours until later,
Kevin Cole

"It's totally dark in here!"- Halloween

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