Monday, November 3, 2008

The 2008 Presidential Elections

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow is the presidential election (by the time you read this it will be today).  We can't take an official stance to grab votes that suit our liberal agenda...  Why is that?  because one fourth of the team has his own conservative agenda (see his campaign ad now!).  

Anyhow, tomorrow begins our most ambitious piece since Rope (not as ambitious, but the past 2 haven't quite been at that same level).  We're filming at a school (but no guns this time), on election day!  I've checked all polling place rules and regulations, and everything should be fine, not a single rule about filming outside the polling place.  And we're not electioneering, but to stay on the safe side we won't be crossing the 100 feet line.

So why find out how the election ends from CNN or NBC, when you can tune in right here, or at and find out how everyone voted and who one.  Seriously though, do it that way, I'll be up until at least 1 AM on the 5th ... (Thanks Alaska).

Yours until later,
Kevin Cole
"Bunch of savages in this town." -Dante Hicks (Clerks)

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